Avant-garde style: is it possible in the perfume world?


On the Street with Bill Cunningham, courtesy The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Who doesn’t love Bill Cunningham?  He’s been photographing New York fashion for decades on the streets of Fifth Avenue for the New York Times, riding around on a bicycle.  Cunningham focuses on people from all walks of life who display a unique style or a trend that is missing from the catwalk but obviously very popular.  The street is where fashion lives, and Cunningham’s exuberant delight is captured in his marvelous photographs.  This week’s column tracks a group of incredibly inventive and risk taking fashion collectors who really think outside the box.  I can’t get over them!

This made me ask myself: Who in the perfume world would be similarly audacious?  Christopher Brosius is my avant-garde perfume guru–who’s yours?


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