On the trail of a flavor genome: Anicka Yi’s sensorial art – now on Cafleurebon!

Anicka Yi and Maggie Peng’s perfume, “Shigenobu Twilight”

A few months ago, the fabulous Mark Behnke, editor of the award-winning perfume blog, Cafleurebon.com, invited this perfumista to be a guest blogger.  I’m so grateful, honored and excited that Mark and Michelyn gave me this opportunity to write about a fascinating young New York artist named Anicka Yi who focuses on smells as part of her art. You can read all about it here on cafleurebon.com!

47 Canal represents Anicka Yi in New York, and she is currently in a group exhibition at the Sculpture Center in Queens entitled, “A Disagreeable Object,” that opens to the public today.

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