Update: Nose in a Book: “In the Library” by CB I Hate Perfume and “Paper Passion” by Geza Schoen


I received the following communication from Caroline Lebar, Karl Lagerfeld’s Head of Communications in Paris, regarding my post on “Paper Passion.”

“Mr Lagerfeld refutes his implication in the launch of the perfume Paper Passion. This project, of which Mr Steidl told him about, only emanate from the art books’ publisher himself. Mr Lagerfeld copublishes many books with Mr Steidl but stick to Coty Prestige when it is about his own perfumes’ creations.”

Caroline Lebar
Head of communications
Karl Lagerfeld – 7L

I would like to point out that there was nothing erroneous in my post regarding Mr. Lagerfeld and the book project.  I stated that Geza Schoen is the perfumer who is working with George Steidl, and that Lagerfeld was only involved with the naming of the scent and its packaging, according to page 19 of Steidl’s Spring 2012 catalog:

The perfume is presented in a book with its pages cut out to leave space for the perfume bottle. Both the name of
the fragrance and the packaging concept were the work of Karl Lagerfeld, a long-time friend and collaborator of Steidl.

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